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With an international and domestic presence and a reputation for producing high-quality fabrics, Prem International is a vertically integrated textile manufacturing company that creates a complete line of home textile products, including lovely bed sets, Kitchen linen, and institutional linens.

Though home textiles are a major part of our clientele, we also cater our products to many other industries, giving the utmost comfort and quality in the products. We deliver a plethora of our textile products to various industries including hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and much more.

Our products adhere to strict quality standards and are primarily made of 100% cotton and Cotton Blends to ensure that they maintain their color, size, freshness, and resistance to harsh conditions. We also provide printed bed sets that ensure a peaceful sleep after a restless day. Our products come in styles and colors that fit the latest trends in fashion.

Our primary product line includes the following:

  • Custom-made Products
  • Hotels & Hospitals
  • Table Linen
  • Kitchen Linen
  • Bed Linen

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