We create high-quality textile products from baby products to home textiles, yarns, etc. We take utmost care in our production process and ensure that every production process is environment-friendly, and not compromising with the quality of our products that lasts for a long time with the colour, size and texture intact.

Furthermore, we adhere to International Quality standards and follow strict quality practices.

Infant & Baby Products

Infants & babies need to be caressed more & provided with the best in everything. We never compromise on the quality & comfort..

Home Textiles

Bring Luxury & Comfort to your place, With an international and domestic presence and a reputation for producing high-quality fabrics..

Woven Fabrics

Prem International continually offers premium woven fabrics at competitive pricing by prioritizing the satisfaction of our customers.


We offer a broad variety of yarn, including cotton, polyester, viscose, blended yarns, Filaments yarns in Polyester, Normal and Air Textured..

Rubber Threads

Our enhanced manufacturing system with cutting-edge machinery in both production and marketing satisfies our customer..